1,000 Sailors From NAS Lemoore Helping In Philippines

The U.S.S. George Washington has arrived in the Philippines, to help with recovery efforts after Typhoon Haiyan.The carrier will be docked in the Leyte Gulf for what is being called 'Operation Damayan.' "We've completed our high-speed transit and linked up with our U.S. Navy logistical assets," said Rear Adm. Mark Montgomery, commander, GWSG. "Specifically, the aircraft carrier will go to a position just off the eastern coast of Samar island in order to begin to assess the damage and provide logistical and emergency support to include medical and water supplies." The carrier had to move some aircraft to Naval Air Facility Atsugi in Japan on Thursday to create more room on the carrier's flight deck for helicopter operations."One of the best capabilities the Strike Group brings is our 21 helicopters. These helicopters represent a good deal of lift to move emergency supplies around," said Montgomery.They will help about a thousand U.S. Marines who have already helping relief efforts since Monday. Our partner Fox News is reporting the U.S. is also providing $20 million in immediate aid.Britain is also sending an aircraft carrier.Japan plans to send 1,000 troops to help with recovery efforts, too.