10-Year-Old Boy Shot & Killed With Pellet Gun

A ten-year-old boy is shot with a pellet gun near Tollhouse and dies. Neighbors in the Tollhouse community cannot believe a pellet gun could be capable of killing a child.

Deputies at the scene confirmed that the boy was shot with a pellet gun at close range, and the projectile traveled right into his chest.

A medi-vac helicopter team quickly tried to get the 10-year-old to the hospital, but it was too late.

Joel Jackson and Lorrie Mullins live in the area and could not believe a helicopter landed in their front yard, and then saw the victim being loaded in. "He pulled them out of the ambulance, and as far as we knew it was probably an adult and as soon as we saw it was a kid our heart kind of sunk," said Lorrie Mullins.

Joel Jackson said, "He was unresponsive and they were pumping him the whole time and it was a child 12 or 13 year old. It definitely took us back a little bit, you expect that you always think it's somewhere else, but it's right here in our front yard."

The shooting happened just down the street from the Jackson's home, where crime scene investigators gathered evidence near a bike they think belonged to the young boy.

Despite emergency crews getting him to the hospital within minutes, he did not survive.

During a late night press conference deputies confirmed that a friend of the child, who didn't think the gun was loaded, shot the 10-year old.